About the Y2.cc domain

I had been looking for a short, simple domain name for some time. Unfortunately, all of the good ones were taken. When the new top-level domains came out, I started looking again for extremely short names. The .cc domain provided an abundance of available names, and was also extremely short. One of the first computer games I had contact with, and the only game I've spent any significant time playing, is Will Crowther's Colossal Cave Adventure. One of the locations in the cave is called "Y2", and coincidentally the ".cc" domain can be looked at as an abbreviation for "Colossal Cave." This made for an extremely short domain name with a classic theme.

About the Plugh.org domain

"Plugh" is a magic word which does special things at location Y2. Some believe it deserves to share the limelight equally with "XYZZY."

More information

For more information about Colossal Cave Adventure, please see the following web sites devoted to this classic game:

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